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Teens across America are falling victim to a myriad of crimes, enticements, and emotional stresses that have conspired to ruin their lives. Georgia Youth Club is the alternative that speaks their language and the vehicle to relieve them from the ills of their communities.Our club is in a never-ending fight to see that no teenager’s life becomes a cliché, such as “falling through the cracks.”

When given the chance, young adults willingly respond through caring leadership, high expectations, and an obligation toward self-discipline.Many of our team members come from environments that do not offer positive reinforcing stimuli and activities necessary for preparing them for adulthood. Although home-life situations vary, many are from single-parent homes in crime-ravaged communities.

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Georgia Youth Club
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At Georgia Youth Club, our mission is to support teenagers from deprived and depressed communities in their quest to pursue the same dreams their more affluent counterparts enjoy.

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To help them overcome their environments, it is necessary to improve the places they live and the lives of the people surrounding them.

Our Club

Our club is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we’re partnering with parents, schools, community organizations, and law enforcement agencies to help improve their ability to bring nurturing guidance.


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